The Infographics page includes my best work that has been created for various companies and projects. I use a variety of tools including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and more to create effective and beautiful infographics for my clients. Every infographic I create is designed with the unique needs of the client and the goals of the project in mind. I work closely with clients to understand their business models and find the most effective ways to visualize information.

I start creating infographics by identifying the topic to convey and collecting all the necessary data. Then I create some sketches to determine the overall style and arrangement of the elements. After that, I create illustrations and diagrams using vector graphics editors and add the necessary text and colors.

My professional experience in creating infographics includes working with a variety of clients, including start-ups, businesses, education and science. I also have experience working in a team with other designers and developers to create complex projects where infographics play a key role in conveying information.